Monday, 5 January 2015

do i have your permission ........मेरी हिंदी रचना का हिंगलिश अनुवाद

I am in love with you
is my open admission
But I still want
your permission
to say it to you

you undestand
I am unable to bring
stars to your feet
so I cant give you false
hopes of fleets

I can only promise
to keep you happy
until life is dead wood
and no more sappy

at all
if your tears drop
they will be mine
pearls to preserve

to make
every dream of yours
come true
will be
the reason for me
to live through

when you are upset with me
shall apologize with a rose
and i will pose
until your node

I will steel
every sorrow of yours
and i will bring
happiness that endures

I promise to you
If I dream at all
every dream of mine
will be only yours

unless you have
any more conditions ....
to say so do I have
your permission