Saturday, 10 January 2015

bubles........Hinglish translation of बुलबुले ...

filled with emotions
rise from my heart
eager to fly
high in the sky
but they collide with
shut doors of my heart
and burst
oh god... I rush
to collect  them
before they spill
or catch someone's stares
you know my dear  ...
walls do have ears
i succeed rescuing some
and i float with them
and drown in the
rivers of dreams
with two banks of extremes
one side drenched with sorrow
and the other bank
overflows with joy
unpredictably i touch
either bank of the river
and then starts a storm of pains
or cool breeze after rains
depending upon which side coin lands
and I live that moment
whatever falls in my lap
because i have lived these emotions
of your love and intense commotions
in uncountable ways
and everytime i live them
feels like its happening once again

                                         ........ इंतज़ार (Mohan Sethi "Intzar")